House Plans Design Inspirations

In a simple but beautiful home model, the main key is to be at ease by maximizing every space so that you can still free your space. A minimalist house in Kopo by Andiyanto Purwono, the following ST is one example of a simple 6×9 one-story house that can be applied in your home.

You can apply a contextual minimalist design. That is, according to Bill Raun, the concept emphasizes that occupancy has to do with the environment or buildings around it. These links can be created through a process of reviving specific elements in the environment or surrounding old buildings into new buildings.

How to? For example, use local design motifs, such as the shape of the mass, patterns, and rhythms of openings, and ornament designs used. In order to be more integrated with the local environment, you can also apply local materials so that your building doesn’t look ‘out of place’ in the middle of a simple neighborhood. Some examples of simple house models in the village below can help you consider which design is right for you.

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